About The TyrosReferee

The Tyros was developed for officials by a large team of sports officials from all over the world.  Officials have a difficult job, and they should be fully prepared for success for each and every contest no matter what level.  A uniform, standardized approach to the training and development of officials needed to be created.  Enter The Tyros.

Our application provides a streamlined and efficient way for officials to interact, share information, train, develop and mentor other officials with the use of video.  We allow you to utilize and view video with a purpose. By utilizing our application you are able to build a library of plays, a knowledge base as well as a complete portfolio of your career which you can access forever.  You can then share your development and career with peers, supervisors, evaluators and professionals with the click of a button.

Basketball RefWe are not just another "video site."  The Tyros is an educational opportunity and a mentoring opportunity for those who want to grow and those who want to give back, no matter where you are in your career. If you are at the top, you can provide meaningful feedback on video that is shared with you by people who are thirsting to learn from their career experiences. If you are just getting started you can upload video and share it with people and groups who can help you advance.  By aiding in and working together for the development of fellow officials we begin to push the envelope of what officiating is and can become in the future.

The Tyros is YOUR key to officiating success.